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german team
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I created this system of lists for the birth of my first child, in 2013 ... My entourage had really appreciated the ease of use and the originality of the concept designed to request second hand gifts, ask for services and propose donations etc. So some of them asked me to create a site for them, and the project grew on its own.

True to my convictions, the site is 100% ad-free and user data is never communicated. I like to see this little project grow, to be constantly improving and to see people delighted with their wishlist and user service.
german team
My name is Annick. Bornd and grown in Belgium, I live now in the United States. My career has made me travel and move many times! I am very curious and I love the new challenges! I take care of the German part of the site. We used O-liste for our wedding in August 2017. I love O-liste for its flexibility and ease of use!
dutch team
Due to health concerns, our Dutch-speaking collaborator had to leave us ... We are looking for someone convinced by O-liste to replace him. The employee will have an independent status that affects a (large) commission on each of the Dutch-language lists sold.
dutch team
We are now looking for other partners ... In Portugal, Canada (Fr/En), Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Italy ... Contact us!