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Once upong a time …

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If O-liste was told to me, it would be above all a story of Love. A father's love for his little daughter on the way to the belly of his beloved.

If O-liste was told to me, there would be a large family and many friends spread across Belgium but also the world. All would be eager to admire and spoil the newborn ...:
"What can we offer you? »,« Keep us informed! »,« Send us photos of this little woman ... »or« Tell us her adventures! "
And the beloved would exclaim in all roundness and mouth in heart:
"For me, the best gifts will be the services we will be given to help us to welcome our baby with confidence."

If O-liste, was told me, it would also be a story Adventure. Adventure as that of this future dad gone to the conquest of the web and HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax and others to create a site that would meet the various demands of his family and his companion. And our father, therefore, to rack his brains, to discover, experiment, and even to find a new passion ... which exceeded the disappointment of not having found list / birthplace to his taste.

O-liste was born together with Marilou, the first child of our aspiring webmaster. This list was originally intended (find out why on the other pages of this site), but also accompanied by a photo album, a logbook, a guestbook and even a plan to get to motherhood very easily.

Friends, family and beloved enjoyed. And they asked for more! First to celebrate the birth of Marilou. Then to accompany other projects of birth ... and even of marriage.

In conclusion, if O-liste was told to me, it would also be a story of Friendship and Sharing, but especially Challenge. Namely, the one then launched our young daddy eager to open his new concept to a wider audience.

Finally, it would not be a story, but a Project ... Innovative, Original, Audacious, that would allow everyone to share, in a few clicks, the great events of his life with a benevolent entourage.