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FAQ & answers

I am potentially interested in O-liste  
I am a donor  
I have a list  
I have a website  
I am a professional  

I am potentially interested in O-liste
  • What is special about O-liste?
  • How does it work?
  • O-liste heeft geen banden met enige winkel?
  • How can I be confident about the confidentiality of my personnal data?
  • O-liste doesn't earn any commission. Is it true?
  • I would like to test a list or site before ordering. Is it possible?
  • I have never had a website, is it easy to manage?
  • Are sites just simple blogs?
  • Do I have to choose a list or a site?

I am a donor
  • Ik kan de lijst niet vinden waaraan ik zou graag bijdragen!?
  • Kan ik een factuur voor mijn deelname aan een geschenk ontvangen?
  • Ik wil graag een reservering annuleren/aanpassen, hoe kan dat?
  • What payment methods does O-liste offer?
  • Can I pay with Visa, CB of MasterCard ?
  • Donaties en belastingaftrek

I have a list
  • I have a technical problem, what can I do?
  • Kan ik echt alles wat ik wil op mijn lijst zetten?
  • How do I know who participates to my list?
  • How to create a "Donation for an association" gift?
  • Are donors obliged to pay the money into our bank account or can they deliver the gift personnaly?

I have a website
  • I have a technical problem, what can I do?
  • Can I really put everything I want on my list?
  • I would like to add more tabs options, how to do?

I am a professional
  • How can my products be included in your catalog?
  • What are the benefits of being a partner?

Company Information

O-liste is en site web van de Lyngua onderneming gevestigd
Rue Henri Maus, 66
4000 Liege
VAT number: BE 0564.779.728